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1. Planning and Designing:

Once you have signed up with Classic Builders, you will meet with our Director of New Homes to go over your floor plan, pricing, deadlines, and building process. After the plan is finalized you will meet with the designer to choose interior and exterior design selections (for example, cabinets, flooring, counter-tops, siding color, stone, etc.).

2. Staking Out The Lot

Physically marking out where the house will sit on the lot. On average the house is dug 3’ wider than the foundation. The stakes typically have “OD” written on them for over dig.

3. Dig

Footprint of home is dug out and basement is excavated. Concrete Footings are poured which are the support for garage and basement walls.

4. Foundation

Concrete is poured for the foundation of the home. The garage and basement walls are poured. A black tar is sprayed on the foundation walls to prevent moisture from seeping through the foundation wall. In addition to damp proofing the foundation wall, drain tile is installed around the exterior and in the interior of the home, this drains any groundwater into the sump pump and away from the home. Rock is placed over the drain tile to hold everything in place. We then have to wait 7 days and the home will be backfilled (fill in the over dig around the foundation walls).

5. Ground Works

During this stage all of the underground plumbing will be installed. Placement is determined by the floor plan for proper drain lines. Pipes are installed to connect to the water lines at the street and to connect to storm and sewer drains.

6. Flat Work

This is when the concrete is poured for your basement and garage floors.

7. Framing

This is where you start seeing the house taking shape. Floor joists, walls, roof trusses, roof sheathing, windows and exterior doors are installed.

8. Roof & Siding

Shingles are applied to the roof and either vinyl or permanent siding (LP/Hardie Plank) siding is installed. If permanent siding is applied we will come back and paint the exterior of the house later in the building process. If building in the winter usually permanent siding will be delayed until Spring to paint.

9. Rough-ins

Plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling components are installed inside the walls of the home. An electrician will put in the boxes (switch, outlet, and lighting) and will pull the wires into them. Cable, telephone, speaker wires, etc. are also installed at this point. All the ductwork is installed for your HVAC system. Usually at this time the furnace, air conditioner and fireplace are installed. A city inspection takes place after the rough-ins are complete and before insulation.

10. Insulation

The insulation company installs insulation into the areas of the home per home specifications. After the drywall has been installed into the ceiling, insulation will be blown into the attic. A 3rd party inspection happens at this stage to ensure your home meets energy standards. This inspection occurs after insulation and before drywall.

11. Drywall

Drywall is a 3-step process that usually takes 7-10 days to complete. Step 1: Drywall crew hangs the sheetrock. Step 2: A crew comes to mud and tape over the joints, nails and screw holes (this step is done twice). Step 3: The texture crew comes and applies texture to the walls, ceiling and garage.

12. Trim & Cabinets

Kitchen, bath and wet bar cabinets are installed. All millwork including, base and casing (window and door) are installed. If the home has a mudroom locker, drop zone, built-in’s or any other custom trim work this will be done during this period as well. During this stage the granite company will measure and template for your countertops.

13. Deck

A deck and stairs are built per plan, usually this is with green treated lumber unless these specifications are changed by homeowners.

14. Interior Paint & Stain

The interior of the house is painted per homeowner selections. All millwork will be painted during this time. Mudroom lockers, mantles, built-in’s and any other custom trim pieces will be either stained or painted.

15. Interior Stone

Stone is installed in the interior of your home on your fireplace.

16. Electrical & HVAC Second Trim

The Electric company comes back to install all the light fixtures, outlets, switches, smoke detectors, fans, and any other electrical items specified by the homeowner. The Heating and Cooling company also comes back to install the grilles over the heating ducts, thermostat, and make sure furnace and air conditioner are working properly.

17. Countertops

Countertops are installed in the kitchen, bathrooms, wet bar and any other location requested by homeowner.

18. Floor Coverings

Hardwood, tile and carpet are installed per your flooring layout on your design selection sheet.

19. Backsplash

Hardwood, tile and carpet are installed per your flooring layout on your design selection sheet.

20. Plumbing Trim

Sinks, faucets, toilets, water heater, and garbage disposals are installed.

21. Mirrors & Shelving

Each house is individually measured for mirrors and shelving so both fit exactly.

22. Appliances & Final Clean

Appliances are installed and your house is given a professional clean.

23. Quality Control & Homeowner Walk through

Our quality control specialist will walk through your home before your final walk-through and perform a detailed checklist inside and outside to make sure it complies with our standards. After this checklist is complete, you will have a walk-through with our warranty specialist to make sure everything on the house is complete. The city will complete a final inspection of the house before your closing date.

24. Grading & Sod

The house receives a final grade on the lot and sod is applied. This is also when a tree(s) will be planted. In the winter sod/tree will be delayed until Spring.

25. Welcome To Your New Home!


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