Our Philosophy

  Classic Builders principles are built on the foundation of dedicated friendships, local involvement, and compassion.  Our team has strong, lifelong ties to the Des Moines area.  We are a committed company of professionals devoted to giving back to the community.


  Our strong philosophy sets us apart from other building companies. Classic Builders brings extensive experience, friendly customer service, and sincere warmth to every home and every client we work with.  We don’t just build homes; we help build communities by investing in local and global communities.


  We act globally as we strive to stay ahead on energy efficiency.   Classic Builders takes pride in taking an active approach to reducing our carbon footprint.  We strive to not only have an immediate positive impact on our environment but to leave one for the future as well.


  In the past decade, Classic Builders has become the Des Moines metro’s top custom single family home builder.  We specialize in custom building energy efficient, award winning floor plans.  Customers are allowed to make changes to our existing plans.  Our building lots are located all over the Des Moines metro area giving our customers numerous options on where to build their beautiful new home. We passionately build homes based on our strong company values of top quality customer service and energy efficiency.